Saturday, January 16, 2010

"XXXX" meaningful Or meaningless

  In year 2010, the population of the world is 6,796,700,000. How many of them are having the meaningful life? and how many of them have no choices to choose and force to accept the meaningless life?

  Is the world's tallest tower a meaningful symbolic, 'Burj Khalifa' is 828 metres (2,716.5 ft) high. It is a meaningful architecture to everyone and beauty creation from engineering. This is a pinnacle of an engineering satisfaction. A lot of theories is hiding from the view of the tower.  This meaningful architecture can become meaningless if Dubai declare bankruptcy and no one is willing to give a hand in current economy.

  A creation need times & your bosom to make it meaningful. All the goods can easily turn into meaningless is short of time due to certain situations.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

1st Anniversary

12/04/2009, DJ 1st Anniversary. A disappointment, we couldn't make it on that day but we just have a simply wish is to be a husband N wife in future 'lovely 老公老婆'.

We have our anniversary celebration on 16/04/2009. We went to have a movie 'Revolutionary road' but it was not showing. We have no choice to choose others and I ave picked 'He just not that into you'. This movie is not good and we felt like having some class that delivery the love lesson.

Here the memorable time has came but everything I've planned isn't that romantic.  I bought her the roses. Red- Lovely, Pupple- romantic but it was out of stock so I replace with Pink- 1st love. 3- I luv you n 2 - jz u n me in d world.

I gave her the roses on the boat that we have gone through the Melaka River. This scene was to show J someday, I'm able to bring her to the future belong to us. Any place o any where, as long have DJ. I'll b there for her.

DJ 4ever.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Food Poisoning

Things in good or bad, people will use to it in accidentally or purposely. Nasi Lemak + Banana Juice = Food poisoning during my supper time on thursday night 12/2/09. This is my 1st time to get food poisoning. The symptoms as vomit, stomach flu, abdominal pain, fever, diarrhea, lost of energy and appetite. I having in the bad situation for few days. Finally,  I went to pantai hospital for treatment. If I couldn't recover in 2 days with the medicine, I need to go back again. I hate Food Poisoning.

Happy Valentines' Day

I wish all the valentines have a nice day on 14th of February. Me? I have a memorable day on 14th of February 2009. This was my first valentines' day with my pretty girl friend who is in pink on that day. We went to MBO to have a movie 'Look For a Star'. Then we have a dance with the firework setup beside us on the mountain with the nigth scene of Melacca the world historical town. This was the song 'From this moment on' while we were dancing. But things never flow in perfect, all of this is just from our imagination. 521J, from D. DJ4ever.

le jour de Valentin heureux

Je veux que chacun ait un jour de Valentin heureux. Je suis heureux que j'ai le jour du premier Valentin avec ma petite amie. J'aime ma petite amie. C'est très bien. DJ4ever...